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Tourbird 2022: NC Barn Owl

Hello to all our friends near and far. Near and far is exactly right in this case as the reason for this publication are our trips to collectors around the globe. For some years now these trips have involved the presentation of a special event piece. This is a nutcracker that can only be purchased in the shops visited by the Ulbrichts for signings. So far it is tradtional to have a new bird every year.

    2022: NC Barn Owl

Why a bird?

Christian Ulbricht`s father, Otto, was so happy on the birth of his first son that he created a nutcracker for the occasion. This nutcracker, for the first time, was in the shape of a bird, and he gave it as a gift to his wife called Welly. In 1997 the successful story for the special event piece began with the "wood pecker" which since then has been followed by a new model each year.

In order to have a complete overview of each individual model, we have listed them according to the year of appearance.

2019: The Belted Kingfisher   2018: The Loon   2017: The Mallard Duck
2016: The Hen   2015: The Blue Jay   2014: The Peacock
2013: Corbie The Raven   2012: The Partridge   2011: The Turkey
2010: The White Dove   2009: The Bald Eagle   2008: The Rooster
2007: The Parrot   2006: The Western Tanager   2005: The Owl
2004: The Robin   2003: The Goldfinch   2002: The Chickadee
2001: The Hummingbird   2000: The Cardinal   1999: The Bluebird
1998: The Pinguin     1997: The Woodpecker