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How to use a Smoker?

A smoker must be supervised at every time of usage. Never leave it alone until it is still in use.

  1. Lift the upper part of the smoker and put it aside. Light an incense until it glows and smokes. Put the incense onto the metal disc fixed upon the smoker's socket. Finally place the smoker's upper part back on the socket.
  2. Never move the smoker while the incense inside is still glowing.
  3. The incense-fire should die down completely. Wait at least ten minutes after the smoke has stopped leaking from the smoker.
  4. Empty the smoker on a fire-proof base or in a fire-proof bin. Don't put the residue of combustion into your household waste, it might catch fire.

Keep the smoker and the incense in a dry, temperature-resistant room. Avoid exposing the smoker to damp climate.

We and our manufacturers assume no liability  for damages caused by improper use or nonobservance of or operating instructions.

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