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  • NC Santa With Wreath 2022

    Soon we will decorate our home again and ensure Christmas cosiness. Everyone has their own idea of a festive decoration. Do you like it simple? Our nutcracker Santa Claus with wreath, stylishly kept in gray, is probably the perfect choice. Enjoy Christmas according to your taste. Surely you already have the perfect place in mind.

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  • NC Santa With Lama 2022

    He may be a little different than what you imagine a Santa to be. But he has a big heart for people and animals. He was particularly taken with the llamas. Or should one say, the llamas are enthusiastic about him? Because as soon as he plays his panpipes, they come running and snuggle up to him. In any case, a very special nutcracker. Does he find a place in your home?

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  • Tourbird 2022

    Also this year you may be glad about our tourbird. The bird of the tour in 2022: “The Barn Owl”!

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  • SM Root Dwarf

    He lives in the forests of the Ore Mountains. The strong roots of the old trees have done it to him. He likes to set up camp here. During the day he gathers the fruits of the forest. His walking stick helps him through rough terrain. Of course, this comes from an ancient root. Even the birds of the forest like to accompany him. A really nice fellow.

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  • Novelties 2022

    This year we can offer variety among our new releases. Many collectors groups have received charming growth. But go your own journey of discovery.

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  • Smokers

    The famous “Räuchermänner“ (or smoking man) originated in the Erzgebirge – Ore Mountains kept things cozy during Christmas time and all year round. Since the 18th century, these merry fellows made of artfully turned wood, fabrics, pelt and paint have been bringing fragrant scents into many a home. And even in modern times, they continue to create comfort and a wonderful ambience.

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  • Nutcrackers

    Our popular nutcrackers may have a grim expression, but they are sure to make their numerous fans smile in delight; turned from wood with love of detail and finished with paint, pelt and beautiful fabrics.

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  • Bakery Angels

    Small but mighty: Our bakery angels inspire delight wherever they are. Once you have laid eyes on them, you will never wish to let them go. For many years now, they have been conquering hearts. And every year we make more of them. Lovingly painted by hand, each and every figurine is a little masterpiece.

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  • Pyramids

    Looking back on a long tradition, our pyramids make Christmas time shine bright. Driven by wax candles the fan-wheel makes the lovely figurines go round and round. Spreading warmth and happiness, their merry dance of light and shadow is made to uplift the spirits. No matter if large or small: These pyramids will make your eyes shine with delight. Take a look at our Christmas marvels .

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  • Ornaments

    One of the most beautiful ways to decorate a Christmas tree is that with wooden ornaments. More than 65 years the first decorative Christmas tree ornaments the company Ulbricht emerged. Collectors and lovers will delight again and again our detailed numerous ornaments. This year we have put a lot of attention to detail, but look for yourself...

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Wood couldn`t be more beautiful.

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